1. Go to CM Webhook integration page in Vercel integrations marketplace:

CM Webhook in the Vercel marketplace

2. Once here, look for Add Integration button and click:

Add integration button

3. You will see a modal window where you can select which Vercel account you want to add the integration to, it can be your personal account or the team accounts to which you are associated:

Select account modal

4. Select the account and click Continue. Now the option to select a specific project from the previously selected account will appear in the same modal, or you can select all the projects in that account. In this way, you decide if you want the events through Webhook to be emitted for all the projects or only for one or a few specific ones:

Select project

5. Once you click on the Add Integration button in the modal, you will see a new browser window where you can configure the integration parameters. The configuration parameters will be explained later in the Configuration section. Here the important thing is to copy your secret ID and save in a safe place. Then click on Activate:

First configuration

And that's all! The configuration will be saved and the emitted events that you selected will automatically begin to be sent to the URL that you defined as your webhook.

In the following Configuration section you will find an explanation of each of the form fields.