Getting started

To continue with the documentation, although it is not necessary, it is always good to know what Vercel is. Vercel is a platform for frontend frameworks and static sites, built to integrate with your headless content, commerce, or database. They provide a frictionless developer experience to take care of the hard things: deploying instantly, scaling automatically, and serving personalized content around the globe.

Vercel integrations introduce a way to extend the capabilities of Vercel and to connect with any platform. Integrations are perfect for you if you want to pair Vercel's functionality with your service to increase productivity by removing configuration overhead for the user.

This is what CM Webhook is, an integration for Vercel.

To use this integration, you obviously need to have a Vercel account. This integration works for projects on personal accounts as well as for Teams. The integration has not yet been approved by the Vercel team, so to access the installation page in the Marketplace you must open this url:

CM Webhook in the Vercel marketplace

Once there you will be able to read information about the integration, presentation and some images.