Webhook URL

What is the Webhook URL?

The Webhook URL is a HTTP endpoint which is configured to receive HTTP POST requests. After you create the endpoint in your app, you can add it to CM Webhook via the installation process or the configuration page.

Inside the Installation page and in the Configuration Page, there is a text field for setting the Webhook URL. This is where you should add the HTTP endpoint mentioned above. This URL must be accessible through the Internet.

What does the HTTP request contain?

The webhook URL receives a HTTP POST request with a JSON payload for each event. On the next Events page, you will be able to see which are the events according to your selection and which is the body that travels through the HTTP request.

What should I reply to the HTTP request?

You should consider this HTTP request to be an event. Once you receive the request, you should schedule a task for your action.

This request has a timeout of 30 seconds. That means, if a 2XX HTTP response is not received within 30 seconds, the request will be aborted.

If your HTTP endpoint does not respond with a 2XX HTTP status code, we attempt to deliver the webhook event up to 24 hours with an exponential back off. Events that could not be delivered within 24 hours will not be retried and will be discarded.