Once the CM Webhook integration is installed for the first time in your project, it's possible to modify the initial parameters of the installation. Here we explain how you can configure this integration:

1. Go to the dashboard of your Vercel account, then click on the Integrations Tab, and you will see the list of installed integrations, including CM Webhook.

Select installed integration

2. On this page you will see additional information about the integration. Identify the Configure button and click on it:

Click on Configure button

3. A new page will open and in it you will be able to modify the values of each of the fields. You can also regenerate your secret ID:

Form with configuration fields

4. It is important to know that in this part you can also regenerate your Secret ID, you can do this by clicking the blue button on the right side of the field where the Secret ID is displayed. Note that this new Secret ID will not be applied to HTTP requests until you click the Save button:

Regenerate Secret ID

5. If you want to undo the regeneration of the Secret ID and keep the current one, you can do so by clicking the white button on the right side of the field where the Secret ID is displayed:

Restore Secret ID

6. After you have configured all the fields according to your new needs, you simply click on the Save button and the new configuration begins to apply immediately. In the next section we will explain more in technical detail each of the fields.