CM Webhook

CM Webhook is a way to implement webhooks for the events generated by your different projects in Vercel

Don't worry about integrations

There is no way to directly configure events generated by your projects to be sent to a URL controlled by you. The only way this is possible is for you to create an integration and that integration will manage this process for you.

Webhook ready to use!

The webhook is a HTTP endpoint which is configured to receive POST requests. This request contains useful information about the event generated by some project action.

Listening important events

Currently you can subscribe to nine events divided into four categories, which are the ones that Vercel currently notifies through integrations: Deployment, Project, Domain, Check.

Security on board

The requests are signed by a Secret ID that is different for each user, making certain that the request comes from our servers.

Documentation and more!

There is a complete documentation that will help you from the installation of the integration in Vercel to the configuration and the details of each of the events.

Best of all: It's free!

I created this integration only for the purpose that developers like me can make use of these events for different functions: analytics, infrastructure implementations, notifications to other providers, etc... without having to maintain another app in their stacks. What are you waiting for? go ahead and try it!